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The Certificate II in Engineering (Jewellery) course is a pathway to the Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture course and develops knowledge & techniques in the manufacture of jewellery.
You will acquire the foundation skills required by a jeweller working in areas of design and hand production. You will also obtain skills and knowledge in planning, occupational health and safety in their specific work environment, knowledge of jeweller?s materials and consumables, tools and equipment, measuring and marking-out, filing, soldering, and technical drawing trade terms and contacts. Students will also gain competencies in technical drawing.
This course is offered in Full Time and Part Time Modes.



Are you apprenticed to a jeweller or working in the jewellery industry? Do you need off-the-job training in 3D design, drawing and manufacturing skills? You can attend this course on a part-time basis while working full-time for a jeweller, or as a full time student. You will learn drawing and illustration techniques and manufacture individual pieces of finely handcrafted jewellery using a wide range of materials and techniques relevant to work in the industry. Creativity, technical skills and computing design are emphasised, as well as diagnostic procedures and the analysis and correction of faults typically required in the repair of jewellery items.



Do you find the manufacturing techniques and composition of jewellery fascinating? Do you enjoy working with your hands
and have an artistic edge? This course will teach you foundational principles across all subjects from drawing through to design and manufacture and concentrates on acquiring knowledge about the design methods used to create jewellery. You will gain an understanding of a range of basic jewellery making techniques as well as design approaches, trends, materials, cultural understanding and innovation.
This qualification provides a pathway to the Certificate IV Design (Jewellery Design).



The jewellery design cours follows on from the Certificate III to develop knowledge and techniques both in the designing and manufacturing of jewellery. You will gain the technical skills and industry knowledge needed to conceptualize and create jewellery. you will enhance your design sensibilities, strengthen concepts and expand your technical abilities as well as learn skillful and creative use of materials and processes. Through the exploration of various media you will learn to integrate traditional and non traditional mediums in innovative and unique designs. On completion of the Certificate IV Design (Jewellery) you will have a portfolio of work that shows excellent practical, theoretical and design knowledge.


Short courses vary in length and start date. These courses are a great opportunity for students who want an introduction to a specialism and cannot study for a full semester or year. The short courses provide an intense experience with workshops, tutorials & practical projects.



The program will introduce you to basic hand skills. You will learn to use the piercing saw, bench drill, micro motor and doming tools and filing, soldering and polishing techniques. The primary objective of the program is to acquire these skills through the manufacture of finely crafted items.
By the end of the program you will have designed and made at least one unique piece of jewellery, which can be worn or become a unique hand-held object (this is not a program in beading and wirework).

Duration: 1 week
Hours per week: 30 hours
Cost: $390
Start date: TBA



This course follows on from Introduction to Jewellery making. You will learn more simple and practical techniques in jewellery making and create a beautiful piece of jewellery. Students will come away with familiarity of basic jewellery making skills.

Duration: 1 week
Hours per week: 30 hours
Cost: $390
Start date: TBA



This course will introduce students to some of the basic skills to set round and princess cut gems into jewellery and will add further skills and techniques to jewellery making as well as concepts of jewellery design and manufacture.

Add another skill to your jewellery making techniques by learning different styles of setting which will include:
* Claw setting
* Channel setting
* Bead setting
* Bezel setting

Duration: 10 weeks
Hours per week: 3 hours
Cost: $390
Start date: TBA


This course enables you to develop skills relating to a range of jewellery CAD processes. You will learn how to use Rhino and render visuals to professional standards and to create and communicate 3D objects.

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Gina Kind

Head Teacher

Student Highlights

Tyrus Shay & Nicolai Tharaap Proesser

Worldskills Australia is an initiative to encourage Australians to celebrate vocational education and training through promotion and building of a skills culture. Students are provided with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent through participation in competitions on regional, national and international levels.
Tyrus Shay and Nicolai Tharaap Proesser both Certificate III Jewellery manufacture students competed in the 2016 Worldskills Australia National Competition held in Melbourne in October. Read more about their experience.

Congratulations to Tyrus Shay who went onto win the bronze medal in the National competition! Here Tyrus accepts his award.